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ABB FIA Formula E Championship
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2019 / 2020 ABB FIA Formula E Championship
    •   Round 1 - 22 November 2019     Saudi Arabia Diriyah
    •   Round 2 - 23 November 2019     Saudi Arabia Diriyah
    •   Round 3 - 18 January 2020     Chile Santiago de Chile*
    •   Round 4 - 15 February 2020     Mexico Mexico City*     VIP Tour Package
    •   Round 5 - 29 February 2020     Morocco Marrakesh
    •   Round 6 - 21 March 2020     China Sanya
    •   Round 7 - 4 April 2020     Italy Rome     VIP Tour Package
    •   Round 8 - 18 April 2020     France Paris     VIP Tour Package
    •   Round 9 - 3 May 2020     South Korea Seoul*
    •   Round 10 - 26 June 2020     Indonesia Jakarta*
    •   Round 11 - 21 June 2020     Germany Berlin     VIP Tour Package
    •   Round 12 - 11 July 2020     USA New York City     VIP Tour Package
    •   Round 13 - 25 July 2020     United Kingdom London*     VIP Tour Package
    •   Round 14 - 26 July 2020     United Kingdom London*     VIP Tour Package

    Formula E
  • Introduction

    Formula E
    For 2019/2020 - Three exciting new locations and venues with Seoul, Jakarta and London joining long list of iconic cities on season six schedule

    The Diriyah E-Prix kicks off the season once again on November 22 & 23, with the Mercedes-Benz EQ and TAG Heuer Porsche teams making their much-anticipated arrival to complete a full 24-car grid for the first time in Formula E.

  • Introduction
    Formula E is an FIA single-seater championship and is the world's first fully-electric racing series.
    Started in 2014, the Championship competes in the heart of some of the world's leading cities, racing around their iconic landmarks.
    For the inaugural season, 10 teams, each with two drivers, went head-to-head creating a unique and exciting racing series designed to appeal to a new generation of Motorsport fans.

  • About the ABB FIA Formula E Championship
    The ABB FIA Formula E Championship is the closest and most competitive category in motorsport, with unpredictable and exciting electric racing in the centre of the world's most iconic cities. Formula E is the fastest-growing series in motorsport and boasts the best roster in racing, where renowned road car manufacturers and automotive brands battle for points, position and bragging rights.

    Formula E is more than just a race on the track, it's also a proving ground and platform with a higher purpose - to test new technologies, drive development to the production line and put more electric cars on the road. Using the spectacle of sport, the ABB FIA Formula E Championship is sending a powerful and meaningful message to help alter perceptions and speed-up the switch to electric, in a bid to counteract the climate crisis as well as addressing the devastating effects of air pollution.

  • Drivers
    Formula E has a variety of drivers with various backgrounds. Several including Nick Heidfeld, Sebastien Buemi and Lucas di Grassi are former Formula One drivers, others have risen through the ranks from other series such as WEC or come from families with a long history of racing such as Nico Prost (son of 4 time F1 champion Alain Prost).

  • Race Day Format
    All events begin with two practice sessions in the morning, an opening 45-minute session followed by a further 30-minute session. Drivers each have two cars at their disposal with 200 kW (270bhp) of power available throughout.

    The qualifying session takes place earlier in the day and lasts approximately one hour. The drivers are divided into four groups of five, with each group having six minutes to set their best lap. Full power of 200 kW is available throughout with drivers only able to use one car. Since the second season, the five fastest drivers then go out again, one-by-one, in the Super Pole shoot-out to determine the top five grid positions.

    The race itself takes approximately 50 minutes, with drivers making one mandatory pit stop to change cars. The two pit crew help the driver to change seat belts and, for safety reasons, there is a minimum required time for pit stops which differs from track to track. Tyre changes, unless caused by a puncture or damage, are not permitted during the pit stop. In race mode the maximum power is restricted to 180 kW (243bhp). Points are awarded using the standard FIA system.

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