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    Singapore F1 Grand Prix

    Circuit Information Page
    Location: Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore
    Lap : 5.073kms / 3.152miles | Race : 61 laps (309.316kms / 192.208miles) | Offset : 0.137kms

    Singapore extends Formula One rights until 2017 - Good News

    Circuit Features
    This inaugural race was a Street Circuit around the Historic Centre of Singapore, the event was the 1st FIA Formula One Grand Prix to be held at night.

    The Singapore Grand Prix is a great 'to do event' the parties, circuit atmosphere and our Tour Package with extras give you great F1 memories.

    Grand Prix Festivities at the Marina Bay Street Circuit include the on track action Formula One, GP2, Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific and Porsche Carrera Cup Asia.

  • Grandstand description - scroll the page to view.
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    Kevin May
    Select Motor Racing.
    Turn 1   spectators will be able to witness up-close the sheer skill of a Formula One driver. As the drivers jostle for the best position at Sheares (Turn 1) at the start of the race, spectators will experience the awesome braking power of a Formula One car as they negotiate the first corner after reaching speeds of 290km/h along the Pit Straight.

    Turn 2   With a superior vantage view of the first three turns of the track and of the cars exiting the Pit Lane, this is where skilled manoeuvring will keep fans on the edge of their seats. Turn 2 Grandstand patrons get a great view of the oncoming cars as they approach Sheares (Turn 1) from 290km/h. The cars will then negotiate Turn 2 before slowing down to 90km/h at Turn 3.

    Turn 3 Premier Hospitality   Located at the end of the first set of turns, the Turn 3 Premier Grandstand offers views of the cars compete for overtaking opportunities at Sheares (Turn 1) before braking to 90km/h as they tackle Turn 3, pick up speed and go full throttle down Republic Boulevard. Spectators will also be able to see the Formula One cars rejoin the action on the track as they exit the Pit Lane at Turn 2. The Turn 3 Premier Grandstand offers an upgraded experience for those who want to be close to the action while enjoying more exclusivity and convenience. Each ticket includes 2 meal vouchers, 2 snack vouchers and 5 drink vouchers per day (beer, wine or soft drinks), which can be redeemed at the premium food and beverage facilities adjacent to the grandstand, or at the dedicated bars. Patrons will also receive an amenity pack daily, with quality earplugs, poncho and other amenities. To top it off, patrons will enjoy quality seats and have exclusive access to executive restroom facilities. Patrons have access to Zones 1, 2, 3 and 4.

    Stamford   The Stamford Grandstand boasts several excellent vantage points, which include views of the cars negotiating Turns 7 and 8 and from certain seats, Turn 14. The cars brake from nearly 300km/h as they exit the DRS activation zone and approach the Memorial (Turn 7) at 110km/h for the third gear left-hander onto Nicoll Highway. The Memorial, which offers potential overtaking opportunities, has seen its fair share of exhilarating action. At the other end of the grandstand, spectators will be able to enjoy views of the cars tackling Turn 8. Selected seats also allow fans to witness cars approaching Turn 14 as they come round again in the second half of the lap. Patrons have access to Zone 4

    Connaught   Patrons at the Connaught Grandstand will have superb views of the Formula One cars racing across the Esplanade Bridge at speeds of up to 280km/h, and jostling for overtaking opportunities at the Turn 14 right-hander.

    Padang   Situated on the driver's left, the Padang Grandstand offers a great view of the cars racing past the iconic City Hall and old Supreme Court at about 240km/h, as they head towards the Singapore Sling (Turn 10). Patrons here will enjoy the close proximity to the Padang Stage, which hosts full-length concerts by headlining acts nightly. Other attractions in Zone 4 include the F1 Village and Hawker Village. Patrons have access to Zone 4.

    Esplanade Waterfront   Fans at the Esplanade Waterfront Grandstand get a close-up view of the cars accelerating towards the picturesque Marina Bay waterfront before diving under the Bay Grandstand. This section of track places a premium on slow speed traction as drivers will have to first make a sharp right-hander at Turn 16 and then tackle the left-hander at Turn 17 at 126 km/h. Situated within Zone 4, patrons also enjoy close proximity to the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, a bustling site for entertainment performances as well as numerous food and beverage Outdoor Theatre, a bustling site for entertainment performances as well as numerous food and beverage outlets.

    Bay   Spectators at the Bay Grandstand will hear the roar beneath their feet as the cars race past the picturesque waterfront stretch and drive underneath the Bay Grandstand, one of the most unique features of the Singapore track. Because this section of track requires the drivers to negotiate four angled turns (16 to 19) in quick succession, it has proven to be an Achilles' heel for many of them. Bay Grandstand ticketholders are spoilt for choice when it comes to food and beverage, with outlets at the grandstand's undercroft as well as at the nearby Esplanade Theatres by the Bay. Patrons have access to Zone 3 and Zone 4.

    Premier Walkabout   Fans can catch the action from bleachers strategically located throughout the Circuit Park, including the first and final sequence of corners, the pit lane entry and exit, as well as along the sweeping right-hander at Turn 5. Premier Walkabout patrons can also indulge in a multitude of entertainment, food and beverage offerings across the entire Circuit Park over the three days, with access to Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3 and Zone 4.

    Zone 4 Walkabout   patrons will enjoy unparalleled views of the exciting race action from specially designed bleachers in strategic trackside locations that maximise viewing opportunities. These include the Esplanade Drive and Raffles Avenue. Patrons can choose their preferred spot to watch the race up-close or roam around Zone 4 to catch different perspectives of the challenging twists and turns of the Marina Bay Street Circuit. Zone 4 Walkabout tickets are also ideal for fans who want to catch the daily performances by international headlining acts at the Padang Stage as well as the roving entertainment in Zone 4.

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